Being Part of the eCommunity

Being Part of the eCommunity

Bethlehem Abbey Cistercian Family: an eCommunity

Since we are not physically together but are still very much gathered around the stable contemplative community of monks at Bethlehem Abbey, we belong to the eCommunity by the practices and tools which we use and by which we participate in the monastic Cistercian charism, according to our life and personal context.

To become a member of our Bethlehem Abbey Cistercian Family which is this eCommunity we suggest that you undertake some of the following.  These tools reflect the manner of life which is suggested to us by the Rule of St Benedict and our Cistercian way of life and tradition.  These in turn try to interpret the only rule by which we follow Christ – the Gospel.

Members of our Family participate in our life by:

  1. Praying some hours of the Work of God (the Liturgy of the Hours) each day.  We suggest that you begin with Lauds (Morning Prayer) and/or Vespers (Evening Prayer)
  2. Make Lectio Divina (meditative reading of Sacred Scripture) a regular part of your prayer life, by following the continuous lectio found here on these pages
  3. Commit to the observance of our monthly Retreat Sunday – guidance for this retreat day is found here
  4. Commit to a Friday fast (usually abstaining from one meal) as part of our community prayer for vocations to our Cistercian community
  5. Frequently visit the Prayer Request page on our website and bring these requests into your prayer and intercession
  6. Try to introduce into your life some helpful aspects of our Cistercian life – we suggest that you look at the place and time of silence in your day, how you can build times of solitude into your practice, and how you can increase simple acts of selfless service for your neighbour
  7. Find ways to live charitable outreach to those less fortunate than you, since Christ is always to be welcomed in the guest and stranger
  8. Undertake to introduce others to our Cistercian Family and encourage their participation in our life, work and prayer

At various times, if these practices and monastic tools have not already been explored in our blogs and teachings, we will offer guidance on why they are important for us as individuals and as a community.

-Bethlehem Abbey Cistercian Family-

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