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We hope that the reflections given here can be a jumping off point for your own study and response, and how you find a way to incorporate the teachings into your daily living.  And remember St Benedict’s advice: Every time you begin a good work, you must pray to God most earnestly to bring it to perfection (Rule of St Benedict, Prologue).

To complement the short articles offered here we will, from time to time, provide some titles for recommended reading: RECOMMENDED READING.

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The Irish News…

The Irish News: Solitude, not isolation – Cistercians share their ancient tradition amid coronavirus

An article by Fr Aelred Magee OCSO of Bethlehem Abbey, recently published by The Irish News as part of their regular ‘Faith Matters’ column. Click on the title above to read…

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More on St Rafael Arnaiz Baron, Cistercian Oblate – 27th April

Today we keep the memory of a Cistercian saint of the 20th century, St Rafael (1911 – 1938).  A gifted young man, who studied architecture and showed himself a talented and perceptive artist, he was captivated by the Cistercian monastic life and entered the Spanish monastery of San Isidro.  However, he soon became ill withContinue reading “More on St Rafael Arnaiz Baron, Cistercian Oblate – 27th April”

St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate the solemnity of the Apostle of the Irish, the one who enlightened us by sowing the seed of the Gospel among us, we would like to offer a splendid poem, attributed to the Irish monk Oengus Céili Dé, and in translation by Thomas Kinsella.  It recalls Patrick’s own Breastplate and the invocation styleContinue reading “St Patrick’s Day”

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th – 25th January

Following the guidelines offered by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, we ask you to consider and pray, individually or together with family or friends, these biblical reflections and prayers to accompany the annual call for Christians to acknowledge our discord and to hear again Christ’s call that we may be one as heContinue reading “The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th – 25th January”

Late Advent with the Cistercian Fathers – O Antiphons Revisited

The octave before the feast of Christmas has always been marked by the singing of the Great “O” Antiphons, usually with the Magnificat (Song of Mary) at the office of Vespers.  These wonderful antiphons, short but rich texts, draw together phrases from the sacred scriptures of the Old Testament, a prophetic voice looking forward toContinue reading “Late Advent with the Cistercian Fathers – O Antiphons Revisited”

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