Pope St Paul VI’s Prayer for Vocation (1964)

O Jesus, Divine Shepherd of Souls,
who called the Apostles to become fishers of men,
now call the ardent and generous hearts of our youth
to make them Your followers and ministers.
Let them share your thirst for that universal redemption
for which you daily renew Your sacrifice upon the altar.

O Lord Jesus, “always living to make intercession for us,”
extend our horizons to the entire world,
where so many brethren make silent supplication
for the light of truth and the warmth of love,
so that answering Your call,
many young men may prolong here Your mission,
edify your Mystical Body, the Church, and become
“the salt of the earth and the light of the world.”

Extend, O Lord, Your loving call to
many pure and generous-hearted young women,
that they may grow in their desire for evangelical perfection
and may dedicate themselves to the service of the Church
and their neighbours who so desperately need such assistance and charity.


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