8th May – Blessed Christian de Chergé OCSO and Companions, Martyrs of Tibhirine

“If it should happen one day – and it could be today – that I become a victim of the terrorism which now seems ready to engulf all the foreigners living in Algeria, I would like my community, my Church and my family to remember that my life was GIVEN to God…”

Inviting Participation in the Veneration of the Mother of God

For the early Cistercians, meditation on the person, name, vocation and example of Mary occupied a central place in their developing spirituality and theology, and it can be rightly said that they were the first to consider the Mother of God in herself rather than as a vehicle for further development of Christology and ecclesiology, theological reflection about Christ and theological reflection about the Church.

27th April – St Rafael Arnáiz Barón, Cistercian Oblate

The life and death, and consequent beatification and canonization of St Rafael are proof, if we needed it, that the Cistercian-Trappist vocation and life is not a ‘one size fits all’ calling. Born on 9th April 1911 – Palm Sunday that year – Rafael’s life was to be the shortest burst of energy…

22nd April – Blessed Maria Gabriella Sagheddu: Living and Dying by Love for the Sake of the Unity of Christians

As with all religious congregations, the Cistercians celebrate the memories of those of their brothers and sisters who, having lived lives of exceptional witness to Christ and the Gospel, are held up by the Church as outstanding models of holiness for us who are still running the race…