Mark 6:1-6 – There’s No Place Like Home?

After the blockbuster Chapter 5, with its scenes filled with drama and shock, and their insistent invitation to consider the role of personal faith in relationship to Christ, and Christ’s own emerging personality and authority, Mark leads us back to Jesus’ hometown – Nazareth, of course, although he doesn’t say it here – and to his own people.

Mark 5:21-43 – Jesus, Life-Giver (Part 1)

Having just concluded a long and technically beautiful passage, Mark presents us with another carefully constructed section of narrative. We are really drawn into the heart of these two stories for many reasons – technically, he weaves the two stories together, sandwiching one with the beginning and end of the other; emotionally, both the scenes are incredibly moving…

Mark 5:1-20 – The Healing of the Gerasene Demoniac (Part 2) – Deliverance

In the last lectio divina encounter we meditated on the destructive force of the evil one as Mark sees him possessing this man who lives among the tombs. Jesus goes to meet the man, and the forces which possess him, and they come to him, ready for the encounter. We remember that this type of possession and affliction is a living death in many ways, and Mark emphasizes this for us, depicting this man living in a tomb-scape, a limbo, among the tombs but not yet in one, walking with death as a constant companion and yet ready to break free into life.

Mark 5:1-20 – The Healing of the Gerasene Demoniac (Part 1)

For those of you who have been following this lectio you will know that we have just spent an explosive time with Jesus and his disciples in a boat in the middle of a storm. In the eye of that tempest the disciples learned something more about who Jesus is, and he showed himself master even of the elements – truly the Lord of creation. Now we accompany Christ and his followers into another storm, and no less frightening. In fact, in all the gospels this story has to be counted as one of the most harrowing that we read.